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Calculate Your High School GPA
Easy but most comprehensive High School GPA Calculator for cumulative GPA, unweighted and weighted GPA calculations. Estimate GPA with "what-if" scenarios, get GPA trends, and identify weak areas to improve. Use this tool for GPA planning & setting goals to achieve.
High School GPA Calculator

High Schoolers, Applying to College?
Every University has a different way of calculating GPA for eligibility & admission selection. Here are the generic College application GPA calculator and University of California (UC) GPA Calculators. In addition, "Holistic GPA calculator" puts together a view combining weighted & unweighted GPA along with factors like GPA trends & curriculum rigor.
GPA Calculator for College Applicants
University of California (UC) GPA Calculator
UC Holistic GPA Calculator

High School Math Calculators
Ace your Math assignments with easy to use Scientific Math Calculator and Graphing Calculator. Save your graphing & other Math calculations and build on them for a continuous learning experience.
High School Math Scientific Calculator
High School Math Graphing Calculator

High School Chemistry Calculators
Most innovative Periodic Table based high school Chemistry calculator. Quickly solve Chemistry problems with critical Chemistry data at your fingertips.
High School Chemistry Periodic Table Calculator


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